पोखरामा काउली बुडी र इन्दिरा जोशी एकै ठाउँमा गाउँदा यस्तो बबाल, इन्दिराको भन्दा काउली बुडीको डिमाण्ड गरे दर्शकले (भिडियोसहित)

Sandhya Budha ‘Kauli Budhi’. She is known to be a Kauli Budi. She runs a program in the bindas TV show and the name of the show is Kauli Budi that’s why she is known to be a Kauli Budi by the audience.

She is most known by her songs. She had sang many songs which are hit in the market too. Here in this video she talks about her career. We can see the fun talk in this video.

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